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Meet the Founder

Inspiring Trees of Hope

Inspiring Trees of Hope is an organization dedicated to bringing hope and inspiration to all in the community. We achieve this by hosting various interactive and fun events throughout the Las Vegas area. What started out as a form of escapism for founder Geraldine (Gigi) Wynn, is now serving as a beacon of light for all to experience.

Meet the Founder

Geraline "Gigi" Wynn is dedicated to inspiring people to be their best selves for over 20 years through events, speaking, mentoring, and coaching. She has served in her community in variety of roles. Gigi holds a bachelor's degree in early childhood administration and a master's degree in special education. On a mission to continue to impact her people around the world she currently pursuing a Ph.D. in organizational development and leadership with an emphasis on training and e-learning. Her passion in rooted to serve being rooted in God.

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