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Inspiring Parents  

Being a parent is not always easy. Sometimes it really takes a village.

Parenting Webinars & Virtual Trainings

Geraldine Wynn is offering parenting webinars and virtual trainings that will help develop you and your child(ren) in critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and social-emotional skills.

Her resume consist of being a mother of 3 adults. 20 plus years as a trainer, mentor, and coach. 20 plus years in management, and 14 years in Early Childhood Education. She has her BA in Early Childhood Administration, Master's in Special Education, and is currently pursuing her Ph. D. in Organizational Leadership Development with specializing in E-training. With her love and passion for the community she is her to serve you in being the best that you can be.

Contact her for more information if you are interested in becoming the best you. 


Cradle Pipeline to Prison

Over 40% of people confined in prison are minority. We must do our part to dismantle the system (childrensdefense,org). These comprehensive trainings will allow for parents to understand how the system works against you and how to beat it. We must protect our children.

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