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Rayna Walters

Keynote Speaker: "Doesn't She Deserve You?"

Breakout Session Speaker: "Our role in setting boundaries for ourselves"

R.D. Walters is a speaker, coach, educator and the founder of Ami Enterprises and R.D. Walters, Inc. She is an Intimacy Specialist and coach that focuses on connection through mind, body and spiritual wholeness. Being a survivor of childhood sexual assault, she has experienced the challenges of unhealthy intimacy practices and understands that the key to true, healthy intimacy begins with the intimate connection we have with ourselves.

Earning a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Developmental Biological Psychology as well as major certifications in Sexual Health, Eating Disorders, and Domestic Violence, R.D. Walters has been in the intimacy health field for more than 12 years. She works with individuals, couples, youth, and groups on anxiety, trauma, nutrition, connection and more. 

As a parent of a young Sickle Cell warrior, she understands firsthand the overwhelming nature of caregiving and how it affects every aspect of one’s existence. She recognizes the connection between balance, self-love, and true intimacy. Her transparency with her own life experiences and challenges allows her to coach by relatable example.