Jennifer Gray

Breakout Session Speaker: Setting Boundaries with your Ex

Jennifer Gray is a faithful believer in Jesus Christ who loves Him with her whole heart.

She is a passionate advocate for young children and has enjoyed a career in Early Childhood Education for nearly 27 years. She is blessed to be a mother to 2 young adult men with families of their own, and currently a single mom to 2 growing boys who are still at home.  Raising boys for approximately 28 years consistently with a decade in between, she affectionately refers to them as her “first and second string”. Along this adventure, much of this time has been spent as a single mom partnering with Jesus along the way. Being divorced/separated from her children’s fathers, yet still wanting the very best for her boys, she spent years attempting to co-parent with them only to find herself in counter-parenting circumstances time and time again. Through much frustration, prayer and preparation, today Jennifer finds herself embarking on a journey that she is happy to share with all of you as she speaks about “Setting Boundaries with your Ex”.