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Our Mission:

Training to Soar was designed to support and develop early childhood educators from the classroom to the administrative office. Our trainings help develop your soft skills partnered with best practices that support the development of the whole-child. As an educator, you will renew your career, build relationships, and be inspired to be the best "You". 

"The influences of a good teacher can never be erased". ~anonymous

Gigi Wynn
Founder & Trainer

Gigi, a California native, has 20+ years of experience in customer service, management, and early childhood education. She has received an Associate’s degree in Visual Merchandising, a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Administration, and a Master’s degree in Special Education. She has spent much of her time focused on training, coaching, and mentoring, specializing in areas of management and customer service/professionalism. 

Valerie Miller
Valerie lives in the Las Vegas area and has experience in the Early Education field for over 20+ years.  She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education. As an experienced preschool teacher, she is passionate about teaching in fun and unique ways. As a Trainer in ECE, she is also passionate about developing fun and unique trainings for early educators that enhances their teaching experiences.

M.I.T (Motivate, Inspire, & Teach)

University Early Childhood Leadership Course

Customize training's -These training's are designed for your brand. We will work with you to provide the 30 hours you need for you licensing year. Book us today. 

Environment & Curriculum 

Reading with Engagement (2 hr) – The training will explore how to use props, songs and sign language to engage young readers.

Reading with Engagement II (2 hr) –  This training expands on sign language to promote language and literacy.

Creating Effective Transitions (2 hr) – Adult learners will collaborate and learn new techniques when transitioning children.

Meaningful Interactions During Play (2 hr) – This course will help the adult learner understand how play promotes learning.

Math All Around Us (2 hr) – Learn how to explore your classroom and introduce math in your classroom environment.

Human Growth & Development

The Growing Brain Series (2 hr) - To understand key factors that affect brain development and how to support healthy overall brain development.

Positive Interactions & Guidance

The Power of Words (2 hr) – Adult learners will see how words that are used can positively and negatively affect the classroom environment.

Classroom Management vs Child Development (2 hr) – This training allows the adult learner to use a different lens to explore the difference between managing children and developing them.

Leadership & Professional Development

Team Building (2 hr) – This course will help adult learners understand why it is important to be cohesive in the classroom, facility, and how it creates a healthy environment.

Customer Service In Early Childhood - (2 hr) To train adult learners on how to create a positive environment that will help all staff members provide customer service to support children and their families. How customer service reduces a child's stress in their classroom environment.

Ninety Day Training Classes

Emergency Preparedness (2 hr) – This training provides information that can reduce the threat to children and staff in an event of an emergency caused by a natural or man-made event inside or within close proximity of your facility. 

Building and Physical Premises Safety (2 hr) – This course provides you and your team with information and tips for creating a safe environment for young children. This training meets the initial training requirement for Building and Physical Premises Safety in Nevada.

Transportation Safety (2 hr) – This training presents recommended practices and policies for the safe, developmentally appropriate transport of young children to and from child care programs. The information is based on federal safety standards and Nevada Child Care Licensing regulations.

The Importance Of Wellness & Obesity In Early Childhood (2 hr) – Adult learners will receive knowledge and gain concepts of understanding nutrition, calories, food groups, the effects of poor eating habits and fun ideas of healthy food options for children.

  • All of our trainings are Nevada Registry Ready for Approval

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Behavioral Screenings

It can be hard to decide if a child in your facility needs professional help with behaviors. Children displaying behaviors that may not be considered normal is challenging for early childhood teachers to understand. We will partner with your facility, parents, and their child to guide everyone on next steps. Although we cannot diagnose we will provide resources to help every family. 

Teaching Is More Than Imparting Knowledge, It Is Inspiring CHANGE

~ William Arthur Ward

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